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The female choir “Pfälzische Kurrende“ was founded  in 1985 by Carola Bischoff
in Neustadt, State of Rhineland-Palatinate and Carola Bischoff is still conducting
the choir.

After having gained a third and two second prizes at the “German All State Choir
Competition“, the “Pfälzische Kurrende“ finally managed to win a first prize, 
even two after another, in 2002 and 2010.

Moreover, the young women were very successful in different international 
competitions, such as in Tolosa, Spain and Venice, Italy.

While travelling to Israel, Russia, Iceland, the United States, Sweden and Canada,
the “Pfälzische Kurrende“ deeply impressed many people with their colorful 
program of classic and folk music
Although the choir is located in the palatine region the singers always try to bridge
the gap between the different cultures and traditions on their journies.

On top of that, the choir is very famous for its interpretation of contemporary music
because of combining singing and acting. This unique and impressive result 
overwhelmed the audience so much, that the choir gave a tutorial at, 
the first German choir forum.

Carola Bischoff

Carola Bischoff, founder and conductor of the „Pfälzische Kurrende ist a music 
teacher and a church musician at the Pauluskirche  (St. Pauls Church) in Neustadt.

There she works with children in a beginners`s choir, with adults in the church choir
and, of course with the Kurrende.

Apart from this local work, she is a member of the national board of „Conductors

for young people“, and she ist often invited as a jury member in choral competitions.

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